Vietface TV Live Stream 24/7 [Media Kit & Rates]

VIETFACE TV or VFTV is one of the well known Vietnamese American Television Channel in Southern CALIFORNIA & NATIONWIDE USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, for many years. Featuring an incredible mix of music,education programs,up to date news, variety talk shows, fashion, lifestyle shows, and dramas that only THUY NGA PARIS BY NIGHT Entertainment can offer. Vietface TV is Vietnamese television education programs, movies, music, entertaint, up to date news, and variety talk shows featuring Paris By Night.

US Nationwide DIRECTV Channel 2076AUSTRALIA
Optus D2 Satellite
South California
Channel 57.2
South California
Channel 56.6
Dallas Ch. 51.3 & Houston Ch. 55.7
VIETFACE TV (VFTV) is a recently established media outlet and has quickly become a leading and respected voice of the Vietnamese community in Australia.

Headed by professionals in areas of expertise such as journalism, IT and business management, VFTV is the only Vietnamese television broadcast 24/7 free to air channel in Australia created and produced by Vietnamese Australians.
Since its launch in April 2012, VietFace TV has established branches all over Australia. There is currently an estimated and growing figure of 13,000 families watching VFTV to respond to their growing needs for culture, information and entertainment.
We operate through the Optus D2 Satellite service, which is available nationwide.